10 Best See Through Leggings to Buy 2024 Review

Author: | Published On: | Update On: 19 January 2024

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You can never go wrong with a see through leggings. They are in different colors, sizes, and designs. Oddly enough, they’ve been very fashionable since the 18th century up to date.

Besides, leggings with see through mesh goes beyond making you look sexy. It adds grace and style to your appearance. Also, it’s very comfortable and easy to wear

If you want to be a part of this trend, you need to settle down to this article review.

Figure out what sheer leggings would make you clean up nicely and also have your head and shoulders above. Happy reading!


1. Lazutom Sexy Women Lady See-Through Nylon Open Zip Crotch Leggings Pants

If you have a high fashion Sense and can dare public look, this legging is most suitable for you. But, let’s jump right in and see if it would as well make you dressed up to the nines.

First off, this transparent legging is available in several beautiful colors. You can either rock the purple colored, the white colored, or the black. The Yellow and the orange colored are also for your taste.

News Flash: If you are a regular visitor at parties, you will benefit from this beautiful colored legging.

It is made from high quality sheer fabric that’s as well gentle on the skin. Although, it’s a semi see through style leggings.

This nylon material legging has an open zip zipper crotch for easy access. Sounds good? And, how about the size? It has a 30.1- 35.4 inches’ waist size. Apparently best for petite and not for women with so many curves.

No doubts, the Lazutom see through leggings makes an excellent choice for Christmas, Birthday party, Halloween and Valentine. It would also turn out to be a perfect anniversary gift, thanks to its charms and elegance.

Product Pros

  • It comes with a zipper
  • Fits nicely
  • Varying beautiful colors
  • Stretchy material

Product Cons

  • Extremely small
  • Stitching isn’t too good

2. Sheertex Footless Sheer Tights – Lightweight Pantyhose for Women

The breathable fabric of Sheertex Footless Sheer is what makes it a great choice for most women. The cool texture gives a high level of comfort when worn.

And, you know what? It’s made with woven fibers, ten times stronger than steel. Yes, you heard that right. That’s the Sheertex knit technology impact on leggings, highly resistant to rungs, snags, and rips.

Edged with a timeless look, you would be ready for any season with this see through leggings. It comes with a limpid covering from the ankle up.

Another feature you should pay attention to is the color. Sadly, it’s made available in black only. But, that wouldn’t be a bother to lovers of black.

Lastly, most shapes stand a chance with the Sheertex Footless leggings. This is because it is made in sizes that would allow different shapes have their share.

Product Pros

  • High quality
  • It’s lightweight
  • Compatible with most shapes
  • Very sturdy

Product Cons

  • Expensive
  • Waist band rolls often
LinvMe Womens Sexy See Through Sheer Tight Pants Nylon Legging

3. LinvMe Women’s Sexy See Through Sheer Tight Pants Nylon Legging

This is another see through pants option especially for club goers. It a penciled leg see through leggings. Also, it’s a completely see through pant, no sheer coverages. So if you are looking for what leggings to wear on your tunic, this legging would surely come through for you.

The best part? Its fabric is milk silk, one good reason not to doubt its origin. Let me say this straight; the pants are imported.

You can very much get enough air in between your legs and thighs because the legging is highly breathable.

Listen, it is very comfortable and easy to wear. Trust me, with LinvMe leggings; no one would be able to resist a hot chick like you.

Product Pros

  • Good material
  • Soft on the body
  • Gives a sexy look
  • Well made

Product Cons

  • Not perfect for long legs
  • Often slides down when bending over

4. CALZITALY Seamless Tights, No Seams, Pantyhose with Lace Top

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see Italy made clothing? Top notch quality, I guess. Allow me to introduce you to this Italian see through pants, and then you can thank me later.

First of all, note this about the pant. It has a beautiful lace waist band, one very comfortable at that.

This Calzitaly see through yoga pants is available both in black and skin color. And, it has OEKO- TEX 100 standard certification. Thus, implying a high quality sheer leggings from our beloved Italy.

Care to know about the leggings fabric? Well, then, it is made with cotton gusset and some chosen yarns. And this- it is 20% elastane and 80% polyamide.

Also, it suitable for any occasion, on any clingy clothing and for most age range. Peep toe shoes or sandals?  You would absolutely look your best with the pantyhose worn on any of the footwear.

Product Pros

  • Soft textured material
  • Seams are absent
  • Waist band is lacey
  • Beautiful design

Product Cons

  • Material is too fragile
  • Thin waist band
OROBLU' Repos 70 Tights graduated compression pantyhose see through leggings

5. Oroblu Repos 70 Graduated Compression Tights, Opaque Support Pantyhose for Women

Perhaps, the first thing you should note about this sheer yoga pants is the medical assist it renders. What does this mean? The brand has not only taken quality, comfort, and look into consideration. It also involves medical support features in its pantyhose.

So, talk about acnes and swelling; Oroblu pantyhose deals with them, thanks to its medium pressure. It also helps in blood circulation using its graduated compression hose.

What about the make? It is 14% spandex and 86% nylon. Moreover, its double covered yarns are stretchy and of high quality. Hence, no worries about rips, runs and snags.

For your high voguish look, you can always trust this Oroblu pantyhose. It is out rightly one of the best see through leggings that shape the body and gives a Chic effect.

Product Pros

  • Shows resistance to rips and snags
  • It does not have a horrible body stick
  • Yarns are double covered
  • It’s made in Italy
  • Gives medical support

Product Cons

  • Not yet found
LinvMe Women's Sexy See Through Sheer Long Flare Pants Capris

6. LinvMe Women’s Sexy See Through Sheer Long Flare Pants Capris

Another quality imported see through leggings, the sixth to make it to the list of the 10 best see through leggings. Known for its flared leg style and viscose fibre, this see thru yoga pants are incredibly perfect for long shirts and parties.

This LinvMe women’s sexy see through pants are shiny and would pass off as a great outfit0 outside. Its waist size ranges from 60cm to 70cm.

News Flash: It is super tight and fits so well. If you really want to be naughty, I would recommend these sexy slimming pants for you.

Above all, it has just the right amount of see through. And, you should complement it with nude under wears or none at all. Colored underwear may tamper with the beauty of this see through leggings.

Product Pros

  • Flared leg style
  • Material is shiny and durable
  • Gives the right amount of hug to the skin
  • Best for pool parties, bar and around the house

Product Cons

  • Not best for long legs
  • Runs may appear too fast

7. Freebily Women’s Sheer Leggings Footless Pantyhose Tights Pants Trouser

Tired of wearing bugging layerings under your office dresses or school skirts? Guess what? Freebily has solved a bit of your uncomfortable layerings problem with this pantyhose.

As one of the best sees through leggings, it is made from polyamide and spandex materials. They’re breathable and stretchy, thus giving room for proper skincare.  Also, it provides the skin with a comfortable and soft landing.

And, yes, the elastic is great for all waist sizes.

There’s a small catch.

This Freebily pantyhose are in multi-colors. Rose, black, purple, yellow, and several others. Depending on the color of your dresses, these colors are a hot cake.

Let me say this straight- The Price varies with its colors. For instance, the rose-colored Freebily women’s sheer leggings cost about $14.99. While on the other hand, the white-colored one costs about $11. 70.

Product Pros

  • Leggings stretches
  • Soft texture
  • Multi-colors
  • Great for layering

Product Cons

  • It is one size
  • Brand tag is absent

8. ALLBEST Women’s Shiny Tights 70 Denier Footed Pantyhose Glossy Tights

Ballet dancers get in here. Here’s a stand up sheer leggings for you. Say one last goodbye to the days of dancing with uncomfortable pantyhose. Most importantly, welcome hot and attractive see through yoga pants.

The first impressive feature this legging has to offer you is its good quality stretchy material. Besides, it has the latest modern designs that would make you the center of attraction.

Who knows, you and your man may want something off the record yet fashionable and Charming.

It has a high waist see through pants. You will also enjoy this pantyhose if you love oil stocks silk leggings. Because that’s precisely what ALLBEST women’s shiny pantyhose is. That apart, it is very comfortable and easy to wear.

If you really want to flirt with your man, this chic sheer legging could just do the magic.

Product Pros

  • Pant is glossy
  • Gives the legs a good shape
  • It’s not heavy
  • Lasts a long time

Product Cons

  • Available only in black
  • Ladies with disdain for footed leggings may find it a bad choice.

9. sofsy Opaque Microfibre Tights for Women – Invisibly Reinforced Opaque Brief Pantyhose 40Den

If your goal is to buy long-lasting transparent leggings, then these sofsy Opaque leggings are for you. Keep reading to find out more!

The legging is made from durable Opaque 40 denier nylon material. In order to resist runs, the nylon comes with a silk finish.

Then again, it is snag resistance, many thanks to the flexible fabrics. Okay! What about the waistband, right? The waistband is sturdy enough to survive the adversity of wears or washes.

Unlike poor quality leggings with no pay back guarantee, this sofsy Opaque Microfiber tights for women has a repayment plan.  Whether you are extra-large, small, medium, or large, you will never go wrong in these sofsy sheer leggings.

You also need to hear this- it is an Italian made see thru pants. I guess you’re excited about that.

Product Pros

  • Strong sheer leggings
  • Seam lines absent
  • Smooth texture
  • No runs and rips

Product Cons

  • Too thick
  • Color not very attractive


With a fantastic composition of soft microfiber plus Lycra, this is one of the best sheer pants that gives a perfect fit. It is 10% elastane and 90% polyamide.

Moreover, this sees through leggings is imported from Italy and certified to be high quality. The waistband turns out to be lightly controlled.

The sizes are available to small ladies, large ladies, medium and extra-large ladies. In addition, it comes with reinforced toes. Lovely, isn’t it?

Here’s another exciting info- This see through leggings we’re talking about is very, very soft. But, hey, before you go all out on this see through pant, you should also know this. Its strength is remarkable.

But that’s not all. This fantastic sheer legging is entirely free of seams. This makes it great for clingy dresses since no one would get to see them. Yeah! I know you like the sound of that.

Lastly, the finishes are smooth, and be sure you would be comfortable in it all through the day. Or probably when involved in some task routine or exercise.

Product Pros

  • Plenty of stretches
  • Very Comfortable
  • Seamless
  • Incredible strength

Product Cons

  • Not silky
  • Too soft

Frequently asked questions

1. What are see through leggings called?

When your leggings are see through, you call them a number of names. To begin with, they can be called sheer leggings. Why? Sheer fabrics allow you to see through, and they’re made with sheer fabrics—a good reason to call them that.

Beyond that, illusion legging is another name see through leggings are called. This name was birthed years back when sheer fabrics were often called illusion.

You would also be right just to call them transparent leggings. Some women do even go further to call them pants. Lols! Whichever of these names you choose to settle down with, there’s a knowledge of it in every part of the world.

But, beware: Translucent Leggings are no more leggings. The right name for them is pantyhose.

2.  How to know if your leggings are see through?

Ladies have millions of reasons to give on why they opt to see through leggings. From its sexy look to the slimming feature and all, they are really captivating.

But, as a starter, you start to worry whether you really know what a see through leggings is. So, here we go, the answer to your question. How to identify a see through Leggings?

Well, then, see through leggings are fashionable pants made from sheer fabrics. What does this mean? Sheer fabrics are transparent fabrics that give others room to see what’s worn underneath or, better still, the wearer’s body.

Don’t forget they are called see through leggings because they do have very thin fabric. So here’s a simple way to test if your leggings are see through.

All you need to do is to carry out a squatting exercise. Go ahead and put on the leggings you want to identify. Then, go down and perform a squat.

The answer? Your leggings are see through If your eyes could catch your underwear lines while on the squat. But, if not, they are simply translucent or non-see through leggings.

3. How to wear see through leggings?

No matter your body shape or body size, you can look classic on see through leggings. But that’s only if you wear them the right way.

It’s funny how some ladies get to wear see through leggings. I bet you don’t want to make the same mistake.

One of the best ways you can wear see leggings is to wear them under a tunic. In fact, this thus has become the popular way people wear them. But there’s no limitation to this.

You can as well wear your see through leggings with a shirt dress. Also, see through leggings with a long sweater is a hit.

Also, there’s no wrong in wearing see through leggings with a skirt. Or better still with layers.

4. What to wear see through leggings?

At times, you’d love to rock town with those hot leggings in your wardrobe. But, the drawback might because they’re see through. And, probably, you have no idea of what to wear on them.

Relax! We’ve got this. Check out these simple ways to wear see through leggings successfully without going on.

Wear them over thin leggings: Yes, that’s the trick. You can double up and drastically reduce the transparency of your see through leggings. But, first, you need to consider the weather before you do this.

Note: It would be very uncomfortable for you if you do this during Summer.

Wear nude under wears: Obviously, you wouldn’t want to go about showing off your colored under wear to everyone.

In other words, nude under wears are perfect under see through leggings. It definitely would take some extra effort to see through them (nude underwear).

Wear your skin color panties: This is another right way to wear sheer leggings. After all, panties having your skin color would blend with your skin and become invisible even right under see through leggings.

Wear long tops. Tops long enough to cover your butts and pelvic region are best on see through leggings. Anytime any day, you’re good to go with a long top, and a see through leggings.

5. Are leggings still in style 2024?

Actually, leggings have been on and off among fashionista for decades now. But, before you go out there to throw away those leggings, you should read this.

Of course, years back, there was an uproar kick against wearing leggings on the streets. It was then categorized as wears made for home or the gym. Well, the story has changed.

New and breathtaking leggings designs keep popping up these days. And, they’re doing a great job in making women look beautiful, sexy, and curvy.

For instance, leggings with a half-tucked shirt and heels in 2024 is a total knockout.

Still not convinced?  Heed up to various celebrities and fashionista’s social handles, where you will get to see shades of leggings with beautiful dresses. Don’t be the only one left out; leggings are the real deal now.

6. Can old ladies wear leggings?

Absolutely yes! There is no age limit to wearing leggings. Remember that leggings are great for shaping the legs and bringing out women’s curves. This is precisely what it would offer older women too.

As long as you’re comfortable in leggings, incorporate them into your fashion style. They are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, patterns, and designs. You just have to ensure that whatever leggings you go for makes you look good.

Although older women would out rightly prefer to cover up their butts, still they can make leggings dance to their tune.

Take a look at this: A sixty-year-old woman would look absolutely great on leggings with a long sweater and boots. Or let’s say leggings with a tunic and a Sandal. No pressure there!

So go ahead and wear leggings to make you look smart and sexy. Life indeed begins at forty!


The 10 best see through leggings are undoubtedly reviewed to help you buy the most suitable sheer leggings for yourself.

Now, it all depends on your choice. More importantly, it depends on your pocket because they do come at varying prices. Nevertheless, we’ve given you all the nitty and grits there is to every one of them.

Remember: You do not have to deal with horrendous see through leggings anymore. All you need is to add one of these sheer pants to your wardrobe to get your desired chic look. All the best!

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